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You’re ready to embark on a digital strategy – but is your data?

Quality data underpins any digital project. Without clean, consistent and accessible information to provide accurate insight and drive growth, your digital strategy can’t succeed. Find out how our data quality solutions can help by contacting our team of experts.

What are the benefits of data quality management?

✅ Strengthen digital transformation

✅ Understand the data you need

✅ Ensure that all data is consistent, clean and usable

✅ Identify processes and procedures to maintain this

Managing data quality issues and solutions

Every organisation needs to address their data quality, regardless of the digital journey they are taking. Whether you’re implementing MDM, exploring digital transformation, or using your data to glean marketing insight, consistent, high quality data is a fundamental part of the process. What you put in will always influence what you get out of any data project. Which is where we come in – providing data quality solutions for your business’ needs

Why is data quality important?

A successful data venture is always fuelled by an effective data quality strategy. Inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent information – known as rogue or dirty data – can significantly impact the insight and understanding you glean from your data quality. When this data is introduced to a new system – like an MDM platform – the effect can be disastrous. Yet there’s more to data quality than ensuring data accuracy and formatting. Data quality is also about addressing the data your business really needs. Any digital transformation should be driven by a wider business vision: to achieve your objectives, you need to first address what information is relevant and useful to your goals. That’s why having an effective data quality strategy is imperative. Find out more about the importance of data quality from our detailed guide.

We offer a 3 week data quality assessment and a 10 week data quality assessment to suit your business’ needs. Why not talk to one of our expert consultants today to discuss the best data quality strategy for you?

3 Week Data Quality Assessment
By the end of this three week piece, we will provide you with data quality reports and dashboards, which detail the extent of your data quality issues. Following this you will recieve ongoing guidance and advice on data quality remediation.
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10 Week Data Quality Assessment
As part of the 10-week DQ capability build, our methodology begins with a thorough assessment of your vision, and desired outcomes for data quality management. We aim to understand your existing capabilities (so that we can leverage as many of your existing strengths as possible) and then work towards achieving the best possible operating model design.
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How we achieve effective data quality management
Bad data is often seen as a technical issue. We see good data as the result of technology, people and processes working together to deliver a business vision. Comma’s strategic approach enables you to recognise data quality as a crucial part of your digital transformation. We help you identify your organisation’s digital objective and establish the data you need to drive it – as well as the measures you need to take ensure your data quality management. We can then help to create the processes and protocols you need to maintain quality and consistency across the board. We recommend that data quality initiatives are combined with a data governance plan to ensure that quality is maintained across the business. A data quality project that exists in isolation simply can’t succeed. It needs buy-in from every person who access to data – from the C-suite to junior administrators. At Comma, we put people first, ensuring that your data quality strategy can have a positive impact across your organisation. Learn more about our data quality service now.
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