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Comma is the UK's leading data consultancy. We enable businesses to manage their data more effectively to get increased value from one of their most important assets. Why choose Comma for ETIM? We have experience of working with leading manufacturers and merchants, including those below, especially helping them prepare for standardising their data to the ETIM classification.

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Why is ETIM important?

ETIM has been adopted by the electrical and construction industries to help businesses like yours get control over the chaos that can often ensue in the supply chain. By using an internationally accepted product classification model, companies dealing with product data for sectors such as HVAC, plumbing, building and sanitary are able to all talk the same language and trade more effectively online. Benefits include increased efficiency, revenue uplift and rapidly getting new products to market. What's not to love?

Why data matters

In an EDA Members survey, 80% of wholesalers said their biggest threat was from new online entrants and 73% identified online sales as their biggest growth prospect.

Data holds the key to grasping opportunities and beating the online competition but, at the time of the survey, 68% of members held no enhanced or enriched product info. That's despite 74% recognising that it helps online trade. Suppliers, too, wanted to see better data in the market, with 93% of manufacturers seeing an increased need for richer, broader data sets.

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The 3 Phases of ETIM

At Comma, we believe the best way to approach ETIM is with a three-phase approach. Download our guide below to get more detail and practical tips on how to approach them.


Map your existing categories to the ETIM classification

How much of your existing data categorisation fits the ETIM model? It's rare that every product in your hierarchy can just be moved to the corresponding ETIM classification. You could have subsections or crossover categories that complicate matters.


Ensure your newly classified data fits the ETIM standards

Whether it’s making sure that all lighting products have a luminous flux, or that thermostats have a rated voltage, you need to make sure that this information is stored in the correct units of measure for its category.


Define your data management and invest in PIM

Making sure that the management of your data is clearly defined and supported by appropriate organisational structures, process and technology is vital to ensuring that you maintain consistent ETIM standards after your initial classification project.

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Download our ETIM guide

Stuart Squires, our Consulting Director and resident ETIM expert, goes into detail on the three steps you need to take to prepare for and act on the ETIM classification.

Don't know where to start with ETIM?

Rest assured, adopting ETIM doesn’t mean you have to change the way you manage your ranges or how your products are displayed to end customers. As long as the data maps to the ETIM standards, you can have peace of mind that getting started doesn’t necessarily have to mean large scale transformation.

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What services do Comma offer?

Consultancy on data classification
Tools and expertise to accelerate ETIM mapping
Design and delivery of PIM solutions
General ETIM advice and consultancy
Data Quality & Data Governance
Affiliate member of EDA and BMF
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