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Comma will be presenting at this year's B2B Marketing Expo in London.

Come and see our Chief Innovation Officer, Stuart Squires, simplify your undertaking of an MDM project, and answer some of your questions on an expert panel. 

Why Attend: 

Year after year our visitor numbers increase dramatically, hitting an incredible record of over 15,000 in 2018! Why? Because we can provide you with all of the following...

Sourcing Products & Services: This is an incredible opportunity not only to find over 1,000 of Europe's top suppliers all under one roof, but also to take advantage of free consultations and demonstrations of the products that will provide your marketing team with that crucial competitive edge.

Keynote Speakers: A plethora of the industry’s most successful names will be on hand to deliver all of the hows whats and whys, on their ascension to the forefront of the marketing sector!

500 Additional Seminar Sessions: Our seminar sessions are specifically tailored to cover every aspect of the industry. Whether you’re a veteran or a startup, you’re guaranteed to find that piece of advice that will take your strategy to the next level.

Concentrated, Efficient Market Research: In an industry characterised by fierce competition and constant technological advancement, the B2B Marketing Expo presents a hub from which exhibitors, speakers and suppliers are on hand to provide invaluable industry insights, all under one roof, over just two unmissable days! This is THE most efficient way to stay ahead of your competition, while consulting the industry’s leading minds and preparing yourself for any future challenge, absolutely free of charge.

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Networking: Compare notes with over 20,000 like minded individuals; learn from their mistakes and forge your own success, while making invaluable new business connections that will last a lifetime.

Niche Sector Specialities: Find advice and ideas for every speciality; whether that’s AI, VR, Automation, 3D Technology, Software Development and Media Intelligence, Promotional Branding, Engagement, Data, Visual Presentation, Social, Search, Outsourcing or beyond, you’ll find it at the B2B Marketing Expo!

Are you planning to attend? We'd love to meet you there! 

If you are going to be there and would like to get in touch please email us at info@comma-group.com for any more information about us and how we can help your business, or to set up a meeting.

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