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Supermarket MDM solutions

There is a multitude of complex data-dependant processes involved in the running of a supermarket chain. Any inaccuracies in product, materials, supplier and customer data causes waste and inefficiencies. In a competitive industry, with notoriously thin margins, data quality can often become a determining factor when establishing longevity and sustainability of a supermarket organisation.


The effects of poor data in the supermarket sector can be felt by multiple teams involved in its operations. Misrecorded pallet sizes, for example, often impact haulage restrictions, while mismanagement of interactions with suppliers can result in food waste and even a potential Grocery Supply Code of Practice violation. 

It is essential to have clear ownership and control of your data to ensure accountability and accuracy across your systems. The better your data flow is, the more informed you are to analyse, predict and act on vital business insights.

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Our Supermarket MDM Solutions

Comma’s supermarket MDM solutions are specially tailored to address the unique demands of the sector. We understand that in order to gain a competitive advantage, every opportunity for data efficiency must be made available.

By eliminating inaccuracies and duplications in your data across all divisions, you are able to have confidence in identifying opportunities and minimising waste. Our team will ensure that you gain a complete 360-degree view of your data which offers actionable insights.

With our Supermarket MDM Service you are able to:

  • Ensure GSCOP compliance
  • Minimize costly inefficiencies such as wastage
  • Create a hub for multiple systems to establish to single source of truth of
  • Obtain clear ownership of your location data, with clear owners of this data
  • Remove duplicate and inaccurate data for dependably clean insights
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Comma Group MDM Partners

Here at Comma, we have partnered with the best Master Data Management platforms in the sector to develop our solutions.  Here’s what they can do for you:

Stibo Systems - Place all your master data in one platform to ensure control and ease of management with confidence

Orchestra Networks - Manage and share your most important data effectively

Riversand - Manage complex and critical data across your domains and operational systems   

Agility Multichannel - Product management for commerce. Place your most valuable product data into a go-to platform to support your commerce strategy. It is the only vendor devoted to the full integration of product management, experience management and commerce

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From product labelling and warehousing to logistics and customer information, a supermarket chain depends upon reliable accurate and integrated data to ensure that every facet runs as smoothly and efficiently across all departments as possible.

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