Demystifying Data

Data isn't complicated. Lets cut through the buzzwords

Data isn’t complicated. It might seem mysterious – with buzzwords like big data and dark data clouding most people’s understanding of the subject – but it’s not. Deep space is mysterious. Data is information. Strip away the jargon and data is, simply, the collection of cold, hard facts that help you to understand something better – whether that’s the people who buy your products or the products themselves.

Data is also nothing new – humans have been collecting data since we could scratch numbers onto a stone. What is new is the way that we can now manage these statistics, thanks to the technology available to us. We now have a world of useful information at our disposal, instantly available to give us insight into…well, almost anything. Providing we have the right tools to understand it.

The challenge for businesses isn’t collecting data: it’s streamlining that data into something useful, manageable and easy to process. That’s where Master Data Management comes in.

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What is MDM?

Master Data Management is the process of managing the static data that runs through an organisation. Don’t glaze over just yet. With the right MDM solution, data can be shared from a central source through multiple channels – whether that’s operational systems, marketing or any other channel you need to filter information through.

In short, good MDM will transform the way you engage with your customer journey. By presenting a single version of the truth, MDM turns your data into information that streamlines processes, gives accurate insight into operations and allows you to better govern the resources at your disposal.

Take a jumper being sold through a retailer. It’s online, in stores, and in their catalogue. It’s also part of a PPC campaign. With MDM, the data linked to that jumper is aligned, so that from any point of access you’ll get the same accurate, up to date information.

How do I use MDM?

Good question. It can be tempting to see MDM as a magic wand to wave over your business and miraculously fix problems with data alignment, communication and the like. But it’s not. Technology is an enabler, and MDM is another tool to help you realise your strategy and vision. It’s not the solution to your problems: it’s the path you take to get there. 

That’s why a software only approach rarely works for most businesses. It takes people to make a difference: if the people in your organisation don’t understand the MDM technology that has been implemented, it stops being a solution and becomes a hindrance. 

A successful MDM strategy connects data with people. At Comma Group, we don’t just match up a client with the right MDM software – we provide a full wraparound service, getting to know what you need from your data in terms of business transformation as well as practical data management.

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