Comma and Experian Social

Comma was thrilled to host their first social of 2018!

It was a long day of networking for the Comma team as they converged on Gusto in Birmingham after running a stand at the Chief Data and Analytics Officer Exchange in London.

As a twist on our usual social programme we were joined by some members of the Experian team, come to talk to our guests about why they do what they do, the expansive capabilities of their platforms, and where the future lies for Experian.

You all seemed to enjoy the networking almost as much as the food, and the feedback we have had from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting every one of you and can’t wait to see what these new connections hold for the future 

A big thank you to Alex Boast and his team from Experian for bringing some conversation to the buffet table interesting enough to rival the Nutella pasty...

We can’t wait to see everyone at our March social in London, incorporating the Live Comma Podcast event. Come and join us for some thought provoking discussions, followed by some lighter nibbles and drinks!

Keep an eye on the events page on our website, as well as our social media, for details and invitations to upcoming socials and events.

“Lovely time linking up with the Comma Group - great chance to meet new people and work through some of the challenges 2018 is definitely going to bring!” - Greg Taylor, Marketing Manager at Experian.