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Why choose Comma as your Winshuttle partner?

If you have SAP, you need Winshuttle. Our combined partnership leverages Comma's master data management expertise and Winshuttle's leading SAP automation software to speed up your critical business processes.

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Why choose Comma and Winshuttle?

Harness the combined expertise of Comma and Winshuttle to get the most out of SAP

If you have SAP, you need Winshuttle. With the support of Comma's qualified Winshuttle experts, you can empower your team to build intuitive process automation within SAP and deliver maximum business impact from your ERP investment.

By combining Comma's data management expertise with Winshuttle's leading SAP process automation technology, your team can remove the reliance on manual data entry and build automated workflow processes for time consuming but business critical tasks such as onboarding or updating customer, supplier and product data.

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How can Comma and Winshuttle streamline your SAP processes?

If you need support with SAP process automation, SAP master data management or migrating to SAP S/4HANA, download our guide to find out how Comma and Winshuttle can help.

SAP Master Data Management

Eliminate manual processes and improve data quality

As any master data manager will tell you, managing the master data that is entered into SAP can be a heavy duty, time consuming task. With Winshuttle, you can improve data quality and speed up business processes across SAP in areas such as materials, customers, vendors, and finance with automated solutions that eliminate manual data entry via the SAP GUI.

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Winhsuttle Evolve

The best way to make SAP workflow collaborative

Winshuttle Evolve is a collaborative platform that enables teams to streamline processes, improve data quality, and meet compliance goals. Winshuttle Evolve is a forms and workflow solution with a unique combination of SAP business process automation, data management, and deep SAP integration.

With Comma's support, you can create and deploy workflows (without the need for SAP programming skills!) and give non-IT teams web forms or Excel workbooks with built-in data guardrails that enable them to work faster and get data right at the point of entry.

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Winshuttle Studio

Powerful data management tools for updating SAP

With Winshuttle Studio you can easily create, extract and transform SAP data from familiar applications you’re already using. You can automate even complex business processes with just a few button clicks.

Winshuttle Studio is an Excel compatible product that automates data collection, validation and movement for use with SAP, saving you significant time and money and increasing process efficiency. You can streamline SAP batch data management processes like mass record creation or change, and create complex scenarios with long text and document attachments.

With Comma's help, Winshuttle Studio can help you eliminate manual data entry, upload and download SAP data in record time, improve data quality and ensure you meet compliance and security standards.

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Moving from SAP ECC to S/4HANA?

Accelerate your migration with Winshuttle and Comma

Over the coming years, all companies running on SAP ERP will update their system from ECC to S/4HANA. This is a gradual transition that will happen in phases, and both versions will most likely work side by side for a period of time.

Comma's team of dedicated Winshuttle experts can help with the migration and offer value to organisations at the various phases of the transition: from system simplification when companies are planning the project, to daily data management automation when all of your systems are finally running on SAP S/4HANA.

Download our guide to find out more about SAP S/4HANA migration and how Comma and Winshuttle can help.

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