Data Governance

A practical approach to Data Governance

Data Governance

Every business needs data governance to maintain high quality data, but knowing where to start – and how to maintain good data habits – isn’t always easy.

At Comma, our data governance service doesn’t just preach the theory of: it gives you a plan and a platform to achieve it.

The result? A practical, action-led data governance strategy that has a long-term impact on your business’ data goals. Unlike other data governance solutions, Comma’s approach is affordable and fully scalable, so it will continue to fulfil your business needs as they evolve.

What is data governance?

Data governance is the set of rules and processes that govern the way data is input, manipulated and used in your business. Not to be mistaken for Master Data Management, it should encompass the full life cycle of your data, from gathering, storing and migrating to manipulating, using and cleansing.

Put simply, data governance manages the way that the people and programs in your business engage with your data.

With the right data governance strategy, you can be confident that your data is of the quality you need to make decisions, deliver the best service to your customers, and drive data-led initiatives successfully.

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Who needs it?

Everyone. If your business has data, it needs data governance to make sure that data is clean, consistent and reliable. Without an effective data governance strategy, even a business with a strong data quality management strategy in place can see data degrade over time. Different people handling the data and processing it through multiple systems can have a detrimental effect over time.

Data governance is also vital to aligning data with your overall commercial objectives. You’ll often find that different parts of your business have different priorities when it comes to data: your marketing team’s data priorities, for example, are probably very different to those in distribution or ordering. A data governance solution will centralise your data while allowing all departments to access and utilise the data they require.

A successful data governance framework connects the dots, creating a shared data goal that benefits the business as a whole.

It’s a simple concept, but taking that theory and turning it into a functional action plan is more complicated – and can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a pragmatic, affordable approach to data governance that can be applied to any business and scaled to suit evolving commercial needs.

The process

Comma gives you a full end-to-end solution to govern your data catalogue effectively.

With our guided data governance strategy, you can get everyone speaking the same data language and working towards the same data goals: two of the biggest challenges in any data project.

Our strategy helps you to outline the rules and processes you need, while educating your teams on how to manage data properly and measure results, before leaving you with a platform that enables you to manage your data moving forward.

What’s more, our managed data governance service includes bronze level support, reducing the need for in-house administration.

The platform

Comma’s solution delivers a single, clean platform for creating, editing and viewing your data assets: from workflows to glossaries.

Its data model is designed to manage and link all aspects of data governance for easier management, reporting and measurement. The system can help in the following ways:

  • Tag the right teams into tasks and queries, for seamless communication and collaboration
  • Track workflows to make sure expectations are being met
  • Outline principles, policies and rules in one place to keep everyone on the same page
  • Create tailored dashboards for viewing governance data, work lists, workflows
  • Compile a business glossary that gets everyone speaking the same data language
  • Assemble a data dictionary to make definitive data terminologies accessible to anyone who needs them
  • Create reports to measure progress, share with leadership teams and make changes as necessary

The Benefits

Most businesses will find that a data governance solution, established by Comma Group, transforms the short and long-term running of their business in many ways.

  • Improved data quality – data governance allows for planned, structured data collection - allowing you to achieve greater accuracy.
  • Improved business outcomes – data governance allows you to use specially collated and organised data providing invaluable insights, helping you to make smart business decisions while offering a competitive advantage.
  • Improved compliance – to use a data governance platform, you must comply to government regulations - which will then, in turn, improve your compliance.

The results

How can you tell if your data governance program is working as it should be? Comma’s platform allows you to input your own KPI criteria to measure results and track progress easily.

Are the right people attending data workshops and meetings? Is data quality improving? Are rules being followed? Choose the performance indicators that are right for you, for a fully tailored solution that suits your needs.

Ready to kick-start your data governance with a practical, action-led solution? Get in touch with our experts. Alternatively, discover our full selection of data management services.


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