Data Governance

Creating an organisation for long term data success

Data Governance Solutions

Become a truly Data-Driven Organisation

Data governance introduces policies, processes and technologies to control the distribution, use and accuracy of personal data, and to give you a centralised platform to find (and purge) personal data.

Data governance policies are vital for maintaining data quality and a master data management strategy. Without a strategy in place, you risk undervaluing the value of your data, limiting its potential to solve problems across your entire organisation and inhibiting your operations as a result.

Our Data Governance Service

We’re a leading consultant for product and customer data, providing critical skills to maximise the value of all project lifecycle phases.

Comma enables you to unlock the true value of your organisation’s data through exercising data governance best practices, which begins with a comprehensive data governance strategy.

Our Data Governance Service includes:

  • Creating strategy roadmaps for data governance  with embedded performance goals, based on business objectives and value
  • Training individuals and teams to become autonomous users of their master data platform
  • Ongoing maintenance and application
  • Identifying those overlooked growth areas in your business that should be included in your data governance program
  • Optimising existing data investments to drive growth, for example extending good practice across all domains
  • In essence, achieve more with their data than they ever thought possible!
Data Lead

We offer two Data Governance Services

1. Data Governance Quick Start Program:

  • We begin by clarifying the benefits of data and change management excellence and how they can best serve your business 
  • We utilise your existing organisations, people, process and systems while minimising the impacts of data management implementation and transition
  • Comma provides mentorship, guidance and support so that businesses revolutionise their long-term fortunes autonomously
  • We take a proactive approach by targeting those ‘quick win’ areas in your business that are calling out for a data governance framework.

2. Ongoing Data Governance Application & Maintenance:

  • Comma provides ongoing pragmatic technical, process and organisational changes to ensure the data flowing through your business contributes to your bottom line
  • Linking internal data governance glossary of terms with policies to streamline how your organisation interacts with data
  • Managing processes that ensure data quality is maintained and the basic principles of data governance remain aligned with the fundamentals of your business
  • Underpinning data governance with machine learning technologies
  • An ongoing support service to help every client realise the value of master data management investment.

Need support with your Data Governance Strategy?

Comma's leading industry Data Governance experts are on hand to help you today.

Our team of specialist Data Governance Consultants will provide you with the necessary information about how Comma can help you reform your organisation's data governance strategy. Discover the power of a sound data governance strategy for your business and why data governance should be at the heart of your sustainable, long-term growth strategy.