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Data Migration Solutions for Businesses

Data is one of a business's most valuable assets. So when it comes to migrating data to a new system, a traditional lift and shift isn’t adequate - it presents a risk of failure which is unacceptably high.

Unfortunately, too many organisations discover this too late in the process, and have to invest considerable time and resources into remedying the problems which invariably arise, just to return to square one.

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Our Data Migration Service

Partnering with data quality tool providers. We need to understand and identify the rules of your data to help your business build up organised data quality.

A crucial part of any successful PIM or MDM delivery is that it goes live with quality data, which is surprisingly, an often overlooked consideration with data focused projects; with the unfortunate reality being poor quality data migrated into a solution, creating in a frustrating resulting and impeding on efforts in adoption.

At Comma, we ensure that a robust data migration strategy is a core fundamental in our methodology, eliminating the threat that it pose to your business. We have extremely vigilant set of processes that enable us to do the following:

  • Identify the current sources of data required for migration and the owners of this data
  • Process to Identify the golden sources of this information
  • Definition of the quality measures and metrics the data must meet ahead of migration
  • Production of data quality routines to ensure the data meets the pre-defined quality measures
  • Routines to load the quality data into the new source solution baked into your go live strategy.
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Our dedicated team of consultants can provide you with more information about Comma Group’s Data Migration services. We take pride in our finely tuned, state of the art, data migration processes, and combined with our specialist associates, who ensure each stage of the entire process is implemented with astute attention to detail, resulting in a perfectly harmonious migration.