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Master Data Management

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In the age of information, big data and cloud, it has never been more important to tame and master your data with MDM, whether that’s providing efficiency to your processes, understanding and engaging your customers, providing actionable insights or complying with regulations such as GDPR - data drives everything.

However, data can be, disruptive, overwhelming and anarchic to your business, creating a taxing strain for your operations, resulting in not only reduced productivity and output but also missed opportunities on a daily basis.

With many companies and organisations suffering from inflexible, disparate and incompatible information systems, resulting in redundantly overlapping and inconsistent data, the need for experts to be able to curate an integrated MDM solution from inception to implementation has never been more necessary. We collaborate with industry leading partners such as StiboSystems and Experian to ensure that we deliver a Master Data Management solution to revolutionise your data assets and processes and in leveraging your systems, converting you into a truly data driven organisation.

Key features of our service

In the age of information, big data and cloud, it has never been more important to tame and master your data with MDM, whether that’s providing efficiency to your processes, understanding and engaging your customers, providing actionable insights or complying with regulations such as GDPR - data drives everything.

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Strategy & Advisory

We work with our clients to understand your business vision and objectives, allowing us to curate a data strategy that compliments your goals. We provide a future state vision with concise requirements and the frameworks to make the right technology selection for you, alongside the organisational change roadmap required for you to become a data driven organisation.

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System Integration

Comma has become the most trusted name globally for the successful delivery of MDM and Data Quality solutions. Our delivery methodology is focused on all the key aspects that make data initiatives successful, focusing on not just the technology implementation but the required change initiative and the supporting quality metrics also ensuring your project success is measurable. Data projects always fail don't they? Not ours. 

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People see data initiatives as projects, but in fact there is a long term operation that needs to be run and evolve with your changing business. We provide 2nd and 3rd line configuration support to our MDM and Data Quality solutions. This allows for routine small change packages, new data quality requests and organisational health checks to ensure the long term success of your initiative.

Our Advisory MDM Service

Often companies find themselves in a position whereby they know they have issues with their data, but justifying the case for change or even selecting the right tool to benefit their business can be difficult. This is due to the lack of informative resources accessible to businesses when combined with the convoluted nature of the sector can lead to confusion and justified hesitancy.

Given our breadth of knowledge and scope within the MDM industry, we are in a unique position to offer the advisory services that will not only enable your initial project be as successful as possible, but will ensure your organisation is set for long term success.

Our Advisory Services Include:

  • Data Project Diagnosis - Building a case for change for you data project and setting you on a clear strategy with clear benefits identified.
  • Data Project Readiness Assessment - Data projects are often seen as having high failure rates, which is often due to them being too focused on technology. Our methodology is underpinned by Garter’s 8 building blocks of MDM, with a clear executable strategy to deliver each of the 8 components, we can assess, and where necessary remediate, to ensure the program's success. 
  • MDM/PIM Vendor Selection Service - given our unique position of being truly vendor agnostic within the MDM sector, we are able to leverage our knowledge and experience to create a framework that enables you to select the most appropriate tool to support your business vision. 
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Our Consultancy MDM Service

Once you have established a clear vision for your Master Data Management Programme, a strategy that your organisation is committed to and have selected the right tool use, you then face the challenge of successfully delivering the solution into your organisation for maximum impact. 

At Comma, we combine the breadth of our service catalogue to ensure that each of our projects is a success, delivering long term benefits to our clients. With our industry leading expertise and technical resources configuring each MDM solution with unrivalled proficiency, we also invest equally as much time in working with businesses to design the processes, organisation and policies in support of the technical implementation. 

With tacit industry and domain knowledge, our experts draw on the best practices while accommodating individual requirements since each business has its own unique way of doing business. 

A fundamental aspect of each project is that not only that it go live, but should be fully operational in serving the business. We therefore, have mature business change approaches that are deeply instilled into our methodology, ensuring that the business is prepared for the change. 

Our Consultancy and Delivery Services include:

  • Target operating model design
  • Business process design
  • Programme Management
  • Change Management
  • Technical configuration (of each of our partners solutions)
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • End User Training
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Our Support MDM Service

The nature of business is that strategies and visions are often subject to change. Outside factors may lead to you having to update your priorities - as the landscape changes and develops, so must your business - and the same applies to your MDM solution.

Whilst it is at the core of our ethos that we will always leave to leave our clients in a position of self sufficiency, we recognise that not every business has the capacity to do so. To ameliorate this, we offer a post go live configuration service, to ensure that your MDM platform us moving with your business.

Our MDM Configuration and Support Services Include:

  • Ongoing support  - enabling you to be able to operate your systems long after delivery. 
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