Master Data Management (MDM)

All of your data in a single, governed source

Master Data Management (MDM)

Effective master data management takes your critical business data and enables you to turn it into accurate, actionable insights. With an effective MDM strategy, you can ensure that your data always displays a single version of the truth across every channel, function and system in your business. Yet, to achieve a single, governed source of data – and the business benefits it brings – you need more than just MDM technology. Comma’s MDM services provide you with the advice, delivery and support you need to make any MDM initiative a long-term success.

What is MDM?

How much master data does your business collect and produce? Is there one central point where all of that information is available to every channel that needs it, or is it spread across various systems, software and databases across the business?

If it’s the latter, it’s much more difficult to manage and use that data – and it’s a problem that’s holding up data innovations and digitisation for businesses in every sector.

Master data management solutions help businesses remove data silos and create a single version of the truth with their data. The result is data – be it customer, product, asset or other records – that contains the same, accurate information wherever it is accessed.

But MDM technology alone isn’t enough to transform disparate data into a reliable, centralised information resource. For truly effective master data management, you need a comprehensive MDM strategy that doesn’t just look at how your data is processed, but its role within your business.

The building blocks of MDM

A successful MDM solution should align with Gartner’s seven building blocks of successful master data management.

Our MDM services don’t just focus on technical delivery, but on the people and processes that make it work. Every Comma MDM project incorporates:

  • Vision – what you want to achieve with your data
  • Strategy – how you are going to get there
  • Governance – the way that people, processes and systems interact with your data
  • Organisation – how your data strategy will be managed, supported and maintained at an organisational level
  • Process – the business processes
  • Performance metrics –– measuring your MDM initiative’s success
  • Technology – choosing the software and systems that are right for your business needs

The eighth building block: data

MDM is nothing without good quality, relevant data to fuel it. At Comma, we believe that data is the eighth building block to MDM success – and our data services give clients full confidence in the data at their disposal. See how our data services can support your MDM from our helpful guide.

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What are the business benefits of an MDM strategy?

With a comprehensive MDM strategy, and the right MDM software to support it, you can:

  • Improve efficiency with data
  • Benefit from better customer or product information
  • Explore digital innovations, from ecommerce initiatives to personalisation
  • Improve insight and decision making
  • Comply to regulatory compliance with ease
  • Fuel better outcomes for AI, Machine Learning and Automation initiatives further along the data value chain
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Overcoming your MDM challenges

MDM software won’t organise your data for you. The data you put in will always impact the results you get out.
Comma offer MDM services at every step of the MDM journey, to facilitate MDM solutions that drive business goals, not just an isolated data agenda.


You know you have issues with your data, but how do you know what course of action, and technological investment, is right for your unique business needs?

Comma has a wealth of experience advising clients in virtually every sector on the best master data management solution for their goals.

Our MDM advice services include:

  • Data Project Diagnosis – What’s your end goal, and what do you need to manage your master data effectively?
  • Data Project Readiness Assessment – Is your data – and your business – ready for your MDM project, or are there other steps you need to take on your data journey?
  • Data Strategy – Not sure where you are on your data journey? Comma can help you identify any missing steps on your path to MDM, to ensure you’re developing a comprehensive data strategy
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Consultancy & Delivery

You’re ready to embark on an MDM initiative – but what’s the best tool for your business, and how can you implement it effectively?

Comma can provide a vendor-neutral framework to assist you in your evaluation and selection of appropriate MDM technology. We also offer a full range of MDM design, delivery and integration services to enable long-term success for your data management initiative.

  • MDM Vendor Selection Service – With our client-focussed perspective, we can create an agnostic framework that enables you to select the most appropriate tool to support your business vision
  • MDM integration and implementation – Comma can design and deliver your chosen MDM technology, ensuring full integration and migration for a seamless start to your project


How can your MDM drive your business goals? Comma offer a range of MDM support services that make sure your MDM solution stays relevant and useful to your business – from day-to-day functionality to helping your MDM evolve with your business.

From data quality and data governance projects, to internal training and performance metrics, Comma can support your MDM project long after delivery.

  • Small change packages – change of objective? Discover how your technology can keep up with changing demands
  • Data governance and data quality – review the ongoing quality of your data as you progress your digital transformation Internal training – Ensure that teams are able to manage your master data successfully moving forward
  • Metrics and performance – Keep your master data management working to its full potential by reviewing your KPIs and making necessary changes

Find out more about our MDM services by getting in touch with a member of our expert team.

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