Product Information Management

Consistent product data across all your channels and throughout your information supply chain

Product Information Management

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Maintaining up-to-date product information across diverse systems presents huge complexity for organisations today. Dependably accurate product information management (PIM)  is becoming increasingly more difficult to deliver with both requirements and volume of product data increasing at a rapid rate. It is becoming too overwhelming for many businesses to take control of and utilise.

Our Product Information Management Solution

Comma's international team of industry leading experts provide specialist consultation and delivery of innovative PIM solutions to address the unique requirements of product data in order to create a unified and standardised view of your disparate and complex product data. In managing and leveraging your product data, you can gain competitive advantage in the form of:

  • Improved data consistency across multiple channels
  • Increased Overall Business Performance
  • Reduction in time wastage
  • Actionable Insights through better data quality
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity
  • Competitive advantage leading to growth in Revenues and Profits
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Comma works with the leading PIM Software Vendors globally and has delivered ground breaking solutions across numerous industries. Our team of specialist Product Information Management Specialists can provide you with information about how Comma works to help you take control of your organisation's data. We provide PIM solutions to help forward-thinking companies discover the value of their data and make smarter business decisions.