Data & System Support and Enhancement

Data that evolves with your business needs


No business stays the same. Comma’s data support and enhancement services ensure that your data strategy stays relevant to your business – for long-term commercial success.

Data isn’t static – it changes all the time. And so does your business. Any data-driven business needs to be aware of those changes and continue to adapt long after their data project goes live.
As data support specialists, we offer support and enhancement services throughout the data journey – helping our clients to review their needs, adapt their data strategy, and maintain data quality for the long haul.

“We have a data tool and need help using it”

If you have implemented a data system – such as an MDM or PIM platform – but don’t feel that you’re getting the full benefit from it, we can support you to better utilise the technology in line with your commercial goals.
Whether it’s accessing useful technical functions or improving the data you are putting in to get better results out, we can help you to take full advantage of your data tools.
And if the tool isn’t right for your needs, we can support you to find one that is.

“We’ve changed our business objectives”

Businesses change, and your data strategy should be able to change with it. As priorities shift, you may need new data, new technology and new processes to support them.
Our support services help you to make the changes you need – from revisiting your data quality definitions to accessing new functions in your data management tools.

“Our industry is changing”

Sometimes change is driven by industry requirements. Whether it’s new legislation or a new industry-recognised data language, your data plays a central role in keeping up with developments.
We can support you to make the necessary changes to your data strategy and technology.

“We’ve completed a successful data project – what’s next?”

If you’ve achieved what you set out to with your data, you may want to look at the next step on your journey. Are there new opportunities with your data? New capabilities you can access through your software?
We can help you advance your data strategy and explore new opportunities with data.

The Comma Difference

Your business goals should always be at the heart of your data strategy. Comma’s data support and enhancement services connect data and people to make sure you consistently reach your commercial objectives with data.

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